Lewis Black’s Root of All EvilLewis Black’s Root of All Evil
Comedy Central, Wednesdays at 10:30 p.m. EST

Crankypants and The Daily Show‘s “Back in Black” correspondent Lewis Black now has an even bigger forum in which to vilify anything and everything that pisses him off. Structured like a mock trial, Root of All Evil lets Black’s fellow comedians present arguments in each installment about which of two modern institutions is worse. Episode one pits Oprah Winfrey against the Catholic Church. Paul F. Tomkins makes the case for Oprah’s cult-leader qualities and overblown narcissism (“Oprah wants you to love and respect all women who are Oprah”), while Greg Giraldo skewers the Catholic Church for plaguing its members with fear, guilt and “boy-fucking.”

This show will appeal to anyone who relates to Black’s misanthropic, about-to-blow demeanor and his cohorts’ crude wisecracks. Its setup feels a little loose so far, but give it time. If this week’s offenders (Donald Trump and Viagra) are any indication, getting to the root of all evil ought to take years.