Keenly Observed is an Atlanta, GA based endeavor born of the love of media obsession in all its glorious forms. We’re a Tivo-addicted, record-collecting bunch. We’re mourning the deaths of Premiere and Punk Planet magazines, and are spending the summer laughing at (and drooling over) Flight of the Conchords. We encourage you to spay and neuter your pets (we can even assist you with adopting one if you’re interested). We want to cram all of the good things in life into our busy schedule, and believe that a little sleep deprivation never hurt anyone. We want to share all of this with you, from the truly awful to the artists you need to know right this second. We’re in love with rock and roll, and we’ll be out all night. Welcome aboard.

Amanda Langston
Lee Summers
Alex Adan
Steve Berry
Jonathan Bullock
Marc Crifasi
Marvin Evangelista
Jeremy Frye
Stuart Myerburg
Shalewa Sharpe

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